References & Expertise

Get experienced experts from the trenches

Our senior developers draw from extensive real-world experience with corporate blockchain implementations and Ethereum development. Furthermore, our project managers are seasoned professionals.

Our know-how includes various blockchain protocols in-depth, decentralized architecture, IT infrastructure, web and app platform-design, as well as IT project management.

We offer our clients:

  • A pragmatic, usability-focused approach to blockchain / DLT
  • Clear communication at eye-level
  • Robust, pro-active project management

Experience is the hardest
kind of teacher.

It gives you the test first
and the lesson afterward.

Oscar Wilde



\\ Implemented Blockchain Solutions <

A selection of blockchain solutions that were previously implemented by members of our team.

While honouring our NDAs, we will happily provide you with more detailed information about the technologies, skills and architecture-setup used.

Custom Tokens &
Crypto Currencies

 // Custom tokens for corporate clients // Plug & play solution allows clients to issue their own blockchain based crypto-tokens //
 // Users can easily redeem and trade // and guarantees full liquidity for crypto-currency or fiat money via partners // Enabling users to monetize their data and receive tokens //

Multi-Agency Government registration Ledger

// Implemented blockchain based registration ledger for public records // Provided an audit trail, proof of ownership and data integrity // 
 // System enabled safe use across multiple government agencies //  Streamlined administration process for citizens // 

Interface Module

 // Custom cross-blockchain communication module //  allow trustless operation and work in tandem with Ethereum main-net, EOS, NEM, Bitcoin, etc. // 

Reconciliation of internal
cost allocation / tax waivers

 // The deployed system provides reconciliation and provenance of invoices between departments and branches //
Allows to claim tax credit/waiver with a governmental tax department  //

Blockchain architecture
analysis & specifications

 // Evaluation of business models based on blockchain logic // Analysis of competing industry projects in the space // Highlighted challenges in areas of scalability, data security and privacy // Developed detailed specifications //

Data Integrity, Provencance & Audit Trail Ledger Systems

// Provided a distributed ledger with audit trail, proof of ownership and data integrity  // Multiple government agencies can use the system safely, while streamlining the process for citizens  // 

On-chain / off-chain Payment faciliation

 // Enabling users and merchants make and receive payments in crypto-currency as well as fiat-money  // Providing easy exchange mechanisms while focusing on cost and user experience //

Automated blockchain deployment tool (Hyperledger Fabric)

 // Reduced blockchain network setup complexity // Built tool to streamline the entire process even for non-developers // No platform knowledge for set up based on specific business requirements  // 

Secure decentralized
file storage

 // Various solutions providing secure decentralized file and data storage for private corporate systems  // Conforming to compliance requirements while providing granular user access controls  // 

\\ Industries / Clients <

A selection of industries and clients our members have previously worked with.

This includes blockchain start up-projects, as well as established corporate entities.

Major car maker (Top 40 of
Fortune 500)

Consortium of banks

(incl. ivy league)

Gobal communication services provider

South Asian government agencies

Pharmaceutical technology manufacturer

Global IT Provider (Top 40 of Fortune 500)

National insurance provider

Digital payment services provider

Higher education provider