DLT Technology

Our blockchain tech stack

When it comes to the choice of blockchain protocol, special emphasis must be placed on the future outlook of the project.

Ethereum, whether as public set up or as a private network with a permission layer, currently has the largest developer base. It is thus at the forefront of blockchain technology development and offers the most resources.

We can provide PoC’s on a testnet, as well as ready to use systems and we will provide you with the full code base and detailed documentation.

The advance of technology
is based on making it fit in
so that you don’t even notice it.

Bill Gates

\\ Implemented Blockchain Protocols <

Ethereum, public and private setup

Hyperledger Fabric, private blockchains

Quorum, private blockchains

MultiChain, private blockchains

Hyperledger, open source

\\ Programming Tech-Stack <





Golang Chaincode